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Contact : Antoni Sibila Pont


1. Users: by accessing or using the website, you are to be considered as User, therefore accepting at that moment thoroughly and implicitly the general conditions, as well as the specific conditions, which complement, modify or replace the general conditions related to specific services and contents of the website.

2. Use of the website and its services and contents: the User undertakes to use the website, services and contents by complying to the applicable law, under good faith, the generally accepted ways and public order. Regarding the contents (information, texts, graphics, image or sound files, pictures, designs...), it is forbidden:

To duplicate, distribute or modify them, unless having authorisation by the legal owners or being legally allowed.

To violate any right of STD QUALITY, SL or the legal owners.

To use the contents for any commercial or advertising goal, different to the strictly allowed.

To attempt to obtain the website contents by any other means that those available to the Users and commonly used on the web, without representing any damage to the website.

3. User's liability for damages: the User is the exclusive and solely responsible of the website use. Such liability includes any password or similar to be used by the User or third parties to access the website and the related services.

4. Unilateral changes: whenever necessary and without prior notice, STD QUALITY, SL may apply one-sided changes to the website's structure or design. Services, contents and access or use conditions of the website may be also modified or eliminated.

5. Hyperlinks:

5.1. Individuals or organisations that may want to create or indeed create a hyperlink from a third party site to the website of STD QUALITY, SL will be submitted to the following conditions:

No total or partial reproduction of the services and contents of the website may be carried out.

It is not allowed to include any false, innacurate or incorrect information about STD QUALITY, SL or the related services and contents.

The creation of the hyperlink does not entail a relationship between STD QUALITY, SL and the third party owner. STD QUALITY, SL is not responsible for the services or contents provided by the third party website.

Any hyperlink may be created in the main page of the website.

5.2 The website contains links and hyperlinks to third party websites. Such links are to be used to provide information, contents and services for the Users but it is not considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them.

6. Personal data protection regulation: STD QUALITY, SL collects by different means through the website the personal data and information of the Users in order to keep and use them in relation to the User. The data provided by the Users will be automatically stored in a file owned by the company (hereon «Responsible of the file»). Every time a file is filled in, the User will receive detailed information about the treatment and final use of the data, the compulsory or optional nature of the answers, the consequences in case of not providing them and any references required according to the personal data protection applicable law, which are needed to be accepted by the User. The responsible of the file is committed to process the data according to the applicable law, and particularly:

To confidentially process the personal data of the User obtained by the navigation through the website. However, the Responsible of the file may reveal the personal data and any other information on request of the public authorities and according to the applicable law.

To adopt the technical and organizational security measures in order to avoid changes, loss and non-authorised treatment or access of the aforementioned data.

Notwithstanding of the above and due to the current security Internet conditions, the Responsible of the file cannot guarantee the illicit use of the Users' information by third parties. Therefore, nor STD QUALITY, SL or the Responsible of the file guarantee or are accountable for any liability for damages that may derive from the changes, loss, treatment, non-authorised access or illicit use of the Users' information by third parties.

The User commits himself to keep the data provided to the Responsible of the file updated. The User is responsible for any damages that STD QUALITY, SL may suffer as a consequence of uncertainty, inaccuracy, lack of validity and authenticity of the provided data.

7. Liability and warranty disclaimer: STD QUALITY, SL disclaims any warranty or liability for any damages derived from:

Lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the website or the related services and contents.

Lack of applicability, suitability or validity of the website or the related services and contents in order to meet the needs, activities or specific results of the Users.

Presence of viruses or malware.

Reception, obtention, storage, distribution or transmission of contents by the Users.

Illicit, delinquent, fraudulent and against the current General conditions, good faith and generally accepted ways or public order, of the website and its related services and contents by the Users.

Lack of liability, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services provided by third parties and available to the Users of the website.


8. Time limit: there is no time limit to the provision of the website and its services. Notwithstanding it, STD QUALITY reserves the rigth to interrumpt, cancel or terminate the website's service or any related services, as per section 4.

9. Intellectual property: to the effects of preserving the intellectual property rights, in the event that any User or third party considers that their rights have been violated in relation to the website contents, please proceed to contact STD QUALITY, SL by specifying the following:

Personal information of the applicant. In case of third party representation, please specify.

Specific protected contents and where to be found in the website.

Certification of the mentioned intellectual property rights.

Statement where the applicant takes responsability for the reliability of the provided information in the application.





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